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Voyage Kitchen

Often it’s not about the destination so much as the journey… but this time it’s all about the destination.  All about the food & all about the mood.  Voyage Kitchen has it all, topped off with impeccable service – just to annoy the pickiest of people!

Voyage has been serving up great food & coffee to its loyal patrons for years.  Today Voyage is sporting a very stylish new renovation & extension completed earlier this year & now, instead of the long-suffering wait for a table, your odds of turning up & nabbing a seat have greatly improved.

The interior is stylish, welcoming & perfectly relaxed in fitting with its stunning coastal position.

If reading between the lines is your thing then this gorgeous long communal table is the spot you need to be at…

A great place to hang your hat…

 Voyage serves up great food.  If you love eggs done exceptionally well, you won’t be disappointed.  The owners Barbara Hacker & her hubby are passionate about what their cafe is putting on your plate.  You won’t find a factory farmed animal or egg in cooee of this place.  The owners are fierce campaigners for Animal Welfare & work tirelessly to help bring an end to factory farming & the live export of Australian stock.  If that doesn’t make you feel good about ordering up, what does?  And yes of course, vegetarian & vegan options are a plenty…

 Voyage strives for excellence in service & all of its brilliant staff are put through extensive training before being set loose in here.

Located a very easy & picturesque drive along our coast we think you’ll find a destination well worth the voyage.

WhatVoyage Kitchen
Where: 128 West Coast Drive, Sorrento Perth

Check their website for reservation details

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